Season 4

Our 4th Season should have begun with 'Ugly Duckling' and a reprise of 'Under Milkwood' for Everybody's Reading Festival at the Guildhall in Leicester - October 2016. Sadly because there had been a mistake the space had not been booked for us and as all the publicity had the shows at the Guildhall, the shows were cancelled.


A Christmas Double Bill:

All was not lost though regarding the work already done for 'Ugly Duckling' as this was now paired with a new adaptation of 'A Christmas Carol' and Double Bill staged at the Organ Grinder in December to sell out houses. 'A Christmas Carol' was performed as a 3 hander and it's style was inspired by John Tillotson's on man 'A Christmas Carol', the first show we ever presented at the Organ Grinder. 'Ugly Duckling' was a brilliantly staged piece directed by Lisa Wood with a cast whose aged ranged from 12 to rather older than that. Lisa's brilliant devised storytelling of this classic  again used the physical theatre style with which she is associated. A mark of the production were the brilliantly design costumes created by Lisa and Creiseda Leafe.


Hamlet - 1st Night

The cast for this production ranges from 19 to 70, and is being staged at Fearon Hall. This is a massive test for the group, many of whom have never tackled a Shakespeare play before. The director, John Tillotson, has cut the play down from it original length of 5hrs to just over 2 hours, which still leaves the main characters of Hamlet (Sam Leaver) and Claudius (Anthony Church) with massive parts to learn.


What a night!!! Everyone stepped up to the plate and delivered in spades.

The audience were bowled over with what they witnessed.

Superb delivery of lines from everyone, delivered with such clarity and understanding that as director I was just in awe of them.

We don't usually separate out any one cast member, we are an ensemble group..........but the performance of young Sam Leaver (19) as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, in 50 years of directing plays, I have never seen a performance of such maturity from any young performer and indeed few professionals in this role reach the heights he achieved. As a group we have been very privileged to have several young actors come and work with the company before leaving for University, but Sam's efforts and achievements have been monumental. Thankyou Sam - we will miss you.

John Tillotson (Director)


Superb evening out. Well played everyone. Great direction. Hamlet, you were fantastic, goodnight sweet prince.

Des Pondent (Facebook)


I can really recommend it. This talented cast put their all into it and kept the audience fully engaged building up the dramatic tension in the intimate setting of Fearon Hall.

Janet Grant


Rare to see such a credible Hamlet and such a (deceptively) simple and moving production, for which, much thanks.

Jean Anderson


Night out in Loughborough to see Stage Left Theatre Workshop's production of Hamlet.

Completely blown away by this production.

I want you all to remember this name:

Sam Leaver.

Watching Sam inhabit Hamlet and deliver a suitably nuanced and emotionally resonanced performance was very moving.

This young man has great talent. I can name a few professional actors that he put me in mind of. But he is clearly 'his own man' so I'm not going to name 'names'.

I believe this young man has a great future ahead of him. Truly, a wonderful actor.

I feel very privileged to have seen him.

Sam was amongst and played within a 'top notch' ensemble who performed magnificently.

Thankyou Tony Church for opening my eyes to this splendid theatre company.

Maggie Tedd

April 29 at 11:39pm ยท


A fabulous night of Shakespeare. This was a quality theatre experience.

Peter Flack