We are an 'open access' theatre group - everyone is welcome.

We are currently based at  The Swan in the Rushes, but are happy to perform anywhere.

We are actively looking for new members and we will us everyone who wants to be involved.

Come and see our shows, come and take part, all we ask is commitment.

We aim to make everyone who works with us a better performer.

Come along, watch a rehearsal and check out the reviews.



After the success of 'Hansel and Gretel' we have now embarked upon a new show for April.


This show entitled 'Masterpieces' by Sarah Daniels deals with issue of pornography and the effect that pornographic material has upon how women are viewed in society. Masterpieces is a powerful play, a vehement statement against pornography that has set theatre audiences on edge since its first production in the 1980s. Written in response to excessive and graphically violent films, 'Masterpieces' is a play written in anger that still holds relevance today.



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