News Update

We are an 'open access' theatre group - everyone is welcome.

We are currently based at Fearon Hall and The Swan in the Rushes, but are happy to perform anywhere.

Come and see our shows, come and take part, all we ask is commitment.

We aim to make everyone who works with us a better performer.

Come along, watch a rehearsal and check out the reviews.

So we are now firmly established in our new homes, Fearon Hall & Swan in the Rushes and already have an exciting programme of shows sheduled for performance. We now have the opportunity to perform 'end on', 'traverse' and 'in the round', which excites us tremendously. We have just completed 2 performances for Leicester's Everybody's Reading Festival and are now preparing for our Christmas presentation at Swan in the Rushes and in the New Year 'Vagina Monologues' at Fearon Hall for V-Day. All money from this production will go to Loughborough LWA.

Image for Hansel & Gretel